Managing servers, backing-up your data, maintaining and upgrading software, and managing databases, are all critical responsibilities that either you or your IT staff must consider daily. More businesses are moving to the cloud and are finding it to be an effective way of managing IT.
Let’s not forget to mention its most popular benefits: saving businesses time and money.

How the Cloud Saves You Time
The cloud’s flexibility, elasticity, and self-service computing resources can be easily managed, saving you (or your IT staff) time.
With the cloud you are able to use automated system management tools that perform background tasks on your network such as, patch management, software license management & compliance reporting, and PC & server performance tuning – all of which could take hours to do manually.
Since the cloud will reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining and patching software, deploying client solutions to end users, and several other mundane IT tasks, you can focus on higher-value tasks such as testing, development, training, and infrastructure renewal.

How the Cloud Saves You Money
The saying “time is money” is befitting for cloud computing, you will find that a large majority of the cost-related cloud benefits are also time-related benefits. Nevertheless, the most obvious ways that cloud computing can save your business money are:
You don’t pay for more than you need: When you run your own servers, you typically buy more hardware than your business needs. In an abundance of caution, some businesses even duplicate everything. With the cloud, you only pay for what you use, you can increase (or decrease) capacity as your company changes, and most Cloud Service Providers will replicate your data in more than one data center in case of failure.

Maintaining and updating software & licensing is much cheaper in the cloud.
Reduced power costs: Paying to run your own servers can really add up. Cloud computing uses less electricity. A CSP can charge you less for energy used than you’re spending in your own data center because it doesn’t have to offset the cost of idle servers, which wastes energy.
Not only can moving IT functions to a cloud-based environment cut IT-related costs immediately, but your company will be able to use staff in ways that will benefit productivity and profitability. Managing a growing businesses IT isn’t an easy task and can cause a lot of stress, by leveraging the cloud you can simplify IT-related tasks and save time, money, and stress!

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